The Hollow
The Salisbury Community Players presented Agatha Christie's Who-Done-It, The Hollow. It was directed by Dr. Kel Nagle and Tom was cast in the part of Sir Henry Angkatell, his first ever stage role!
Six performances at Wor-Wic Community College were: June 10 & 11 @ 8, June 12 @ 2, June 17 & 18 @ 8 and June 19 @ 2.
An unhappy game of romantic 'Follow My Leader' explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollows, home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell. Dr. John Cristow is at the centre of the trouble, for at The Hollow are Henrietta, his mistress, Veronica, his ex-mistress, and Gerda, his wife. To further complicate matters, also present is Edward, in love with Henrietta, and Midge, in love with Edward. Veronica ardently desires to marry John Cristow but although she succeeds in re-opening their affaire, he refuses to divorce his wife. At this point, Veronica unwisely threatens that if she cannot have him, no-one else shall. Within five minutes, Cristow is dead. Nearly everyone has a motive to wish Cristow dead; most had the opportunity, but who actually did the murder has to be discovered by Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny. Click here to see the author's version of the set, and here to see ours. Click here for the program (without the advertising).
Sun, Jun 19 We had our final performance and then struck the set. The cast assembled at Cactus Taverna, but I didn't go.
Sat, Jun 18 Kate and Sal made a special trip down from Wyomissing for this, the 5th of 6 performances. Sal estimated the house at about 80%.
Fri, Jun 17 The Patron's Reception was at 1800. Tonight's performance was #4 of 6, and went well.
Thu, Jun 16 We did a no-wardrobe brush-up to polish our lines and blocking. We started at 1830 after re-assembling the set from the hibernation required by the WorWic Justice department, We finished by 2100 and put everything under drapes again as WorWic has a graduation on "our" stage at 0900, Friday. Rusty brought a character's list for Mousetrap.
Tue, Jun 14 Sharon asked me to complete a questionnaire for the Artist Spotlight for the newsletter.
Sun, Jun 12 The Sunday matinee was a sell-out. I had planned to join the cast at Kel's house for a picnic, butFSU baseball got in the way.
Sat, Jun 11 We played to a full house on our second night. I changed a line in Act III and got a healthy laugh.
Fri, Jun 10 Opening Night. We had about 160 and the show ran 3:15. A cast party at Goin' Nuts had 24 of us with one server! I finally got home and in bed at 0130.
Thu, Jun 09 Tonight was Player's Night and we did the show for the 13 members of Salisbury Community Players who came to see us. Call was at 7 and curtain was at 8. We got the show down to about 3:15.
Wed, Jun 08 We did a full dress rehearsal, in 3.5 hours, from 7:00 to 10:30! This suggests that tomorrow's Player's Night Rehearsal will go from 8 to 11:30 -- whew.
Tue, Jun 07 Call is at 1800, again. We started after the murder, as the tech crew hasn't seen the end of the show. We were to go back to the beginning, but we ran out of time as we were forced to leave WorWic at 2230.
Mon, Jun 06 Call was at 1800 and we were to run the full show, in street clothes. We didn't start until 1930, and whereas we had to be out of the building by 2230, we didn't finish the 3rd act tonight, either.
Sun, Jun 05 We rehearsed at 1400, our 1st rehearsal at WorWic. We worked around the tech crew. I took my wardrobe with me to facilitate publicity photos. We had to leave by 1700, so we didn't get to do the 3rd act.
Sat, Jun 04 We moved the set from the Workshop on Glen Avenue to the WorWic Stage. Rehearsals will move as well.
Thu, Jun 02 We executed another Full Run for the last time at the Old Daily Times Building. The lighting director was present. Scripts were, for the most part, not to be seen. The actors with the major parts (not me) still need to ask for a few lines.
Wed, Jun 01 We did the first full run of the play. Slowly, but surely, scripts are disappearing, though, Amanda, the stage manager, still feeds us forgotten lines as needed.
Tue, May 31 We did the Second Half of the play and the T-shirts arrived. Thanks to Deb Nagel, we have an excellent hanging of Ainswick, the family estate.
Sat, May 28 We're scheduled to report to the Community Players Workshop building to work on the set
Thu, May 26 We reviewed the 1st half. We were to be "off book" tonight, with all lines memorized. Therefore, I messed up the first scene badly as I don't know all my lines yet. I felt much better when others were as bad or worse. We'll resume after the Memorial Day weekend.
Wed, May 25 Tonight we're not rehearsing; we're going to display "wardrobe" and have it critiqued. My selections were approved with only minor changes.
Tue, May 24 We reviewed the 2nd half. I tried to be off book and only flubbed, majorly, one line.
Mon, May 23 We reviewed the 1st half, up through the murder. The 3rd performance, the 1st matinee, is sold out! I went online to get Sal and Kate's tickets. Kel wants us "off book" by Thursday!
Wed, May 18 We reviewed pages 67-91.
Mon, May 16 We reviewed pages 42-66. We have two guns for props, but they're automatics, not revolvers. We must adjust.
Sun, May 15 We reviewed pages 24-42.
Wed, May 11 We went back to the beginning to review pages 2-24. I submitted my bio for the program.
Tue, May 10 For the first time in weeks, the entire cast was present, except for the stiff. We reviewed pages 67-91
Sun, May 8 We blocked pages 81-91
Thu, May 5 Blocking of pages 67-80.
Tue, May 3 The remaining cast reviewed pages 42-66, but I wasn't there.
Thu, Apr 28 A patchwork of lines toward the end of Act II were blocked with only three cast members available.
Mon, Apr 25 We blocked pages 42-55 and discussed costuming. I'm going to secure a pipe and a suit. I'll also look for a painting which can be used as "Ainswick."
Thu, Apr 21 We blocked Act II, Scene 1, where Dr. John Cristow is murdered. The script called for the victim to die, on the floor, downstage-center, and for me to kneel down next to him. Fortunately, neither the victim nor others, fancied the floor, to avoid kneeling. Therefore, he will expire on the sofa and we will bend over him.
Wed, Apr 20 A review of Act I
Tue, Apr 19 We blocked pages 26 to 32. Kel then worked with John and Veronica; pages 37 to 40.
Wed, Apr 13 We blocked a portion of Act I while a band rehearsed in another part of the building.
Tue, Apr 12 We blocked a portion of Act I. Blocking is the process whereby the Director tells each cast member where to move during the scene. We'll use written scripts until we have learned our lines, weeks from now.
Mon, Apr 11 The full cast did a read thru of the play. Rehearsals are at the Old Daily Times building, downtown.
Wed, Apr 6 An email from the director casts Tom as Sir Henry Angkatell.
Thu, Mar 31 With our trip to WDW interfering with regular auditions, Tom has been granted a solo audition at the home of the director, Dr. Kel Nagel.