Mousetrap Logo The Salisbury Community Players presented Agatha Christie's Who-Done-It, The Mousetrap.
It was directed by Rusty Mumford.
Shows were be Feb 24 (8 pm), Feb 25 (2 pm & 8 pm), March 1 (8 pm), March 2 (8 pm) and March 3 (2 pm) at Wor-Wic.
Mousetrap Logo
The play is set in the Great Hall of Monkswell Manor. The time – the present (1952) A woman has been murdered in London. A young couple, Mollie and Giles Ralston, has started a guest house in the converted Monkswell Manor. Their first four guests arrive: Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf and Miss Casewell. Mrs. Boyle complains about everything, and Giles offers to cancel her stay, but she refuses the offer. They become snowed in together and read in the newspaper of the murder. An additional traveler, Mr. Paravicini, arrives stranded after he ran his car into a snowdrift, but he makes his hosts uneasy. The following day after lunch, the imposing Mrs. Boyle complains to the other guests, first to Metcalf and then to Miss Casewell, who both try to get away from her. Wren comes into the room claiming to have fled Mrs. Boyle in the library. Shortly afterwards, the police call on the phone, creating great alarm amongst the guests. Mrs. Boyle suggests that Mollie check Wren's references. Detective Sergeant Trotter arrives on skis to inform the group that he believes a murderer is at large and on his way to the hotel, following the death of Mrs. Maureen Lyon in London. When Mrs. Boyle is killed, they realize that the murderer is already there. Ten minutes later, the investigation is ongoing. Each character is scrutinized and suspected. Mollie and Giles get into a fight, and Chris Wren and Giles argue over who should protect Mollie. Suspicion falls first on Christopher Wren, an erratic young man who fits the description of the supposed murderer. However, it quickly transpires that the killer could be any one of the guests, or even the hosts themselves. The characters re-enact the second murder, trying to prevent a third. At last, Sergeant Trotter assembles everyone in the hall with the plan to set a trap for one of the suspects.
The list of characters may be found here.
The production website is here.
Tom (previously in Chicago) is cast, in his 3rd role with Players, as Major Metcalf.
Sat, Mar 03 Lyd, Marie and Fred Livengood came to see the show; Margaret was too tired. After the final curtain calls, on this, the final performance, we demolished the set and put it in the truck to return it to the Players’ Workshop. We had a strike party in Delmar and Rusty gave gifts to the cast and crew. We also received CDs with all the pictures Bonnie took.
Fri, Mar 02 Our last evening show played to a full house.
Thu, Mar 01 Mousetrap offered show #4, with ½ house.
Wed, Feb 29 We'll do a brush-up rehearsal.
Sat, Feb 25 I left for the theatre at 1130 for a 1230 call. The matinee(#2) went off at 2 to a full house. We had Tim’s Pizza between the shows and then opened the curtain on the 8:00 show(#3) a few minutes late to seat another capacity audience. We had some competition from the bass guitar of the Sadie Hawkins Day dance on the third floor and Security had to go up and tell them to turn it down. Following the show, about 20 of us went on to The Fox and Olive for dinner. I finally got to bed a little after 1.
Fri, Feb 24 Opening Night! We had a full house and the show went well. I stopped by Fox and Olive on the way home to schedule 20 of us for Saturday night.
Thu, Feb 23 Tonight was Players' Night, a chance for about 20 members to see the show.
Wed, Feb 22 Our final dress rehearsal before Players' Night went well. Rusty apologized for the previous night's tirade and we were pretty good.
Tue, Feb 21 We had our first dress rehearsal and it didn't go well. There were a lot of frayed nerves.
Mon, Feb 20 We had our first rehearsal with the new set.
Sat, Feb 18 We're back and the set has been moved into Wor-Wic. I operated the light board while Gary, the lighting director, adjusted the lights.
Sun, Feb 12 Rehearsal will be for the whole show, but without me as we will be at Disney World
Thu, Feb 9 Mousetrap Rehearsal was for the entire show, though Sherrie and Dick were missing. A locked thermostat wouldn’t allow us to heat the room any higher than a preset 63. We finished at 2200.
Wed, Feb 8 A Planning Committee meeting delayed rehearsal until 1920. We ran Act II until almost 2200. Sherri’s back is no better.
Tue, Feb 7 Sherri is still having back problems. Following rehearsal, I went to The Fox and Olive and secured support for a cast party. We are "off book" for Act I
Sun, Feb 5 Rehearsal was from 2-4 with only half the cast in attendance
Wed, Feb 01 Sherri will took us through more of Act II, starting almost an hour late due to a Players Board meeting.
Tue, Jan 31 With Rusty still out of town, Sherrie took us through more of Act II.
Mon, Jan 30 Following an oil delivery, we returned to the workshop and Sherrie, who's character is dead, and, in Rusty's absence, took us through the first part of Act II
Sun, Jan 29 Rusty has to be out of town and there is no heat at the workshop, so we read lines for Act I at Sherrie's home.
Wed, Jan 25 All of Act I
Tue, Jan 24 Act I, Scene 2
Sun, Jan 22 We reviewed Act I, Scene 1.
Tue, Jan 17 I took wardrobe possibilities with me for Becky's review and we reviewed Act II
Mon, Jan 16 We reviewed 51-58 and finished blocking the show with 58-65.
Sun, Jan 15 We reviewed 43-51 and blocked 51-58.
Thu, Jan 12 We reviewed 34-43 and blocked 43-51.
Wed, Jan 11 Tonight we blocked pages 34-43 of Act II.
Tue, Jan 10 The actor cast as Major Metcalf has dropped out of the show. Rusty asked and I agreed to take on the role. We ran through Act I.
Mon, Jan 02 We blocked pages 1-13, Major Metcalf, absent.
Tue, Dec 20 Read-thru of the play will start rehearsals.
Sat, Dec 16 Rusty has asked Tom to Stage Manage to show. Read-thru is scheduled for Tuesday.
Fri, Dec 16 Rusty didn’t cast me in The Mousetrap, but asked if I was interested in being the Stage Manager for the show and I said I was.
Tue, Dec 13 Auditions for The Mousetrap were at the Players Workshop. Rusty promised to make his casting decisions by Friday. I read for all the male parts, even though my demographics are wrong for most. It was nice to see Judy, Cindy and Joe, from The Hollow. I also told Rusty I would stage manage if not selected for a role.
Wed, Nov 30 Rusty has announced auditions for December 11, 12, & 13 at The Players' Workshop. I've read the play and I'll try for Major Metcalf.
Wed, Jul 06 Rusty has announced the WorWic days, including moving the show into WorWic, February 16th, with shows Feb 24, 2 shows February 25, and shows March 1, 2 & 3.