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Ferrarello Visit
Friday: Sal, Kate, and the boys, having left Wyomissing just after 2000 arrived about 2330. They got the boys settled down for the night while we prepared spring rolls. We all made it to bed at 0030.
Saturday: We played with the boys all day, stopping briefly for sub sandwiches for lunch. For dinner, Margaret joined us and we ordered three extra large pizzas from Tim’s and had a good visit. Nico watched Disney’s Robin Hood and FSU defeated Murray State 69-3. Kate and Sal watched Cars 2 and decided Nico’s not ready for it.
Sunday: At 0720, its 75; everybody slept in, except for Buddy, of course. After a lunch of sub sandwiches, we all walked (I biked) to Baskin and Robbins where Sal, Kate and Nico all got ice cream cups. Margaret joined us for Pork Wellington, which did not turn out well. The meat was good, but the pastry covering was not done and doughy. The kids left at 2000 for the drive back to Wyomissing.