Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland

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2011-12-31: End of the Year Summary and Greetings.
2011-12-25: Christmas in Maryland.
2011-12-05: We decorated for Christmas.
2011-11-26: FSU Football defeated Florida 21-7.
2011-11-23: Julia Laws was here for Thanksgiving.
2011-11-15: Bertina has been found.
2011-11-12: Veterans' Day Weekend in Wyomissing.
2011-10-28: 1700 TS Rina has dissipated.
2011-09-24: Adventures by Disney's Southwest Splendors
2011-09-24: Hurricane Philippe wandered about for 2 weeks.
2011-09-20: Hurricane Ophelia was born.
2011-09-18: Wyomissing for birthdays.
2011-09-16: Tropical Storm Maria is finished.
2011-09-11: Tropical Storm Nate has dissipated.
2011-09-10: Leo Thomas Ferrarello was born.
2011-09-05: We Picked Crabs on Labor Day.
2011-09-04: Tropical Storm Lee is ashore in Louisiana and finished.
2011-09-04: Margaret celebrated her 100th birthday.
2011-08-31: Bill and Cindy are here for Margaret's birthday.
2011-08-28: Hurricane Irene smashed through the eastern US.
2011-08-25: Rehearsals started for CHICAGO.
2011-08-22: Tropical Depression Harvey hit Central America.
2011-08-16: Tropical Storm Gert went east of Bermuda.
2011-08-13: Tropical Storm Franklin wasn't much.
2011-08-07: Tropical Storm Emily cut through Hispaniola.
2011-08-05: "Wicked" at the Kennedy Center
2011-07-30: Tropical Storm Don dissipated in Texas.
2011-07-28: We joined the Ferrarellos on the Jersey Shore.
2011-07-22: Tropical Storm Cindy moved NE across the Atlantic.
2011-07-22: Tropical Storm Bret moved NE across the Atlantic.
2011-07-04: We went to Wyomissing for Independence Day.
2011-06-28: Tropical Storm Arlene was in the SW Gulf of Mexico.
2011-06-17: Sal, Kate and Nico were here for the weekend.
2011-06-13: FSU's baseball season is over.
2011-06-11: The Pivacks were to have joined us at WDW
2011-06-10: Tom performed in "The Hollow."
2011-05-21: Bill and Cindy were here for the weekend.
2011-05-13: Sal, Kate, and Nico were here for the weekend.
2011-04-23: Our trip to Wyomissing for Easter was cancelled.
2011-04-20: DVD cabinet doors were installed.
2011-04-16: Linda and Julia Laws were here.
2011-04-03: We spent a week at WDW for the CAC
2011-03-27: Our last snow of the season.
2011-03-06: Kate, Sal and Nico were here for the weekend.
2011-02-18: Project 5: The doors were installed.
2011-02-18: We spent the week of Lyd's 62nd birthday at WDW.
2011-01-21: Kate, Sal and Nico were here for the weekend.
2011-01-12: Snow #3 passed us by with less than 1/2".
2011-01-10: Flight Training.
2011-01-07: Snow #3 was coming, but passed to the north.