Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland

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2010-12-31: End of the Year Summary and Greetings.
2010-12-31: FSU Football finished the season in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.
2010-12-29: Kate, Sal, and Nico were here for Christmas #2.
2010-12-28: Bill was here for Christmas #1.
2010-12-26: We had a White Christmas; Snow #2.
2010-12-25: Christmas Day.
2010-12-24: Christmas Eve dinner was at our house.
2010-12-22: Lyd finished wallpapering the dining room.
2010-12-20: Project 4 is completed by the Messick Brothers.
2010-12-16: We got our 1st snow of the season.
2010-11-13: Sal, Kate and Nico were here for the weekend.
2010-11-07: Tropical Storm Tomas hit Cuba.
2010-11-07: Jekyll and Hyde.
2010-10-31: Halloween in Wyomissing
2010-10-30: Hurricane Shary went east of Bermuda.
2010-10-26: Hurricane Richard punished Yucatan.
2010-10-23: Gas appliances were installed.
2010-10-15: Hurricane Paula punished Cuba.
2010-10-10: Hurricane Otto.
2010-10-03: We took Sal, Kate & Nico to Disney World.
2010-09-29: Tropical Storm Nicole died after crossing Cuba.
2010-09-26: Tropical Storm Lisa did little.
2010-09-26: Tropical Storm Matthew hit Yucatan.
2010-09-22: We removed the bitternut hickory tree.
2010-09-21: Hurricane Igor hit Bermuda.
2010-09-20: We added a screened porch.
2010-09-20: Tropical Storm Julia was never a threat.
2010-09-18: Two birthdays were celebrated in Wyomissing.
2010-09-18: Tropical Depression Karl went through Mexico.
2010-09-14: Beauty and the Beast plans were scrapped.
2010-09-11: Yard Design landscaped our yard.
2010-09-10: Dickerson Fencing enclosed the backyard.
2010-09-07: Tropical Depression Hermine went through Texas.
2010-09-04: FSU Football opened the season with Samford.
2010-09-04: Hurricane Earl moved up the coast
2010-09-04: Tropical Storm Fiona didn't do much.
2010-09-03: Tropical Depression Gaston fizzled early
2010-08-31: Hurricane Danielle never got close.
2010-08-31: Tom had Jury Duty.
2010-08-29: Kate, Sal and Nico were here for Margaret's 99th.
2010-08-29: Margaret's 99th birthday celebration.
2010-08-12: Tropical Depression 5 never got a name.
2010-08-08: Tropical Depression Colin never got close.
2010-08-03: "Mary Poppins" was at the Kennedy Center.
2010-07-28: We went to the Jersey Shore for a day with family.
2010-07-23: Tropical Storm Bonnie was in the Gulf.
2010-07-09: We made ravioli for dinner, from scratch!
2010-07-16: Margaret's Special Project has been completed.
2010-07-09: We made ravioli for dinner, from scratch!
2010-07-08: Tropical Depression 2 didn't amount to much.
2010-07-04: We spent the 4th of July in Wyomissing.
2010-07-01: Hurricane Alex went into Mexico.
2010-06-27: We saw "Tom, Dick and Harry."
2010-06-23: FSU Baseball went to the College World Series.
2010-06-18: We went to a Delmarva Shorebirds baseball game.
2010-06-10: Jerry Laws was in town and here for dinner.
2010-05-19: Polliard Plumbing put in a new water line.
2010-05-19: Kitchen Renovation was completed.
2010-05-01: Cathy Payne was married near the University of Maryland.
2010-04-12: We went to Walt Disney World for the 25thCAC.
2010-04-04: We went to Wyomissing for the Easter weekend.
2010-04-02: The Laws family visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
2010-03-29: Dr. Petrera has discharged Tom from care for his hips.
2010-03-18: The Bathroom Renovation job is completed.
2010-03-05: Kate, Sal and Nico were here for the weekend.
2010-03-03: The forecast was for snow, storm #6, but was just rain.
2010-02-28: The Pivack family went to Murmansk.
2010-02-27: Julia Laws sent pictures from her trip to Australia.
2010-02-25: The 5th snow of the season stayed to the north.
2010-02-15: Tom's right hip was replaced.
2010-02-12: We started the kitchen project.
2010-02-10: The third snow in two weeks; 4th of the season.
2010-02-05: We got 11" more snow, over ice; the 3rd storm of the season.
2010-02-05: Kate, Sal and Nico were to have been here for a weekend visit.
2010-01-30: The 2nd snow of the season had almost 11".
2010-01-22: A project was started to renovate the 2nd floor bathroom.