November, 2012
Oliver Logo The Salisbury Community Players are presenting Oliver. It is directed by Sherri Trader-Hynes.
Show dates are 11/2, 11/3, 11/4.
Oliver Logo
Bringing vividly to life Dickens’ timeless characters with its ever-popular story of the boy who asked for more, Lionel Bart’s sensational score includes Food Glorious Food, Consider Yourself, You’ve Got to Pick-a-Pocket or Two, I’d Do Anything, Oom Pah Pah, As Long As He Needs Me and many more.
Tom (previously appearing in The Mouse Trap) is cast in his 4th role with Players as Dr. Grimwig.
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Tom's Makeup
Katie Simms
is Nancy
Thu, Nov 8 I took the receipts from the cast ticket sales to Charlie and picked up the DVD from Tom Robinson. Lyd and I watched the DVD in the afternoon.
Sun, Nov 4 Margaret and Lyd came to the matinee performance, but left at intermission. I helped with strike, but didn’t stay until the end.
Sat, Nov 3 We had a good second show. I went with the rest of the company to Goin’ Nuts after the show
Fri, Nov 2 Opening Night They finally caught me dodging make-up, so Sherri Williamson and Lillian Hoffman decorated my face. My line about fevers got a laugh. The Cast party was at Pemberton Coffee House, but, when I arrived, it was crowded and groups had already formed, so I came home.
Thu, Nov 1 It was Player’s Night and we had a few dozen members in the house. The show went well.
Wed, Oct 31 We ran the entire show, but without the orchestra.
Tue, Oct 30 Dress Rehearsal at WiHi, with the orchestra.
Mon, Oct 29 Wicomico Schools are cancelled Monday. CPOS has cancelled today’s rehearsal and tomorrow’s is in jeopardy, as well.
Sun, Oct 28 CPOS has cancelled today’s rehearsal and tomorrow’s is in jeopardy, as well.
Sat, Oct 27 I went to Oliver set workshop. We painted and spiffed up the set. My costume arrived. The Board of Education has cancelled our Sunday rehearsal. We’ll have rehearsal at the Methodist church if the Board of Ed closes schools on Monday.
Thu, Oct 25 Sherri is back and we ran Act II. I had a few line flubs, but nothing major. Sherri reports my costume has arrived and she’ll bring it to Saturday’s work session.
Wed, Oct 24 Sherri is ill, so Mandy rehearsed us through Act I, polishing blocking and choreography.
Tue, Oct 23 They have started mounting safety railings between the upper and lower levels and I felt much better. We rehearsed the musical numbers from Act II with the orchestra.
Mon, Oct 22 The set is still in need of a lot of work. We did Act I scene 1, and the workhouse kids got used to the set and the multi-levels (which don’t have railings, yet). We completed the bedroom scene and my descent on the SL stairs was precarious. For “Who Will Buy” Sherri pulled everyone off of the upper levels. During the final scene, some 10 minutes was spent trying to decide how Nancy/Katie will be carried from the set. Finally, it was decided that Lester/Sowerberry will use a firemen’s carry to get her off. Sherri reminded the cast that she is the director and we are not to give, or get, direction from other cast members.
Sun, Oct 21 The set is too cluttered for rehearsal, so we worked in the chorus room, instead. Sherri gave out a few rules for the remaining rehearsals.
Sat, Oct 20 With a small army of cast members, family, kids and adults, the many pieces of the set for Oliver were trucked to WiHi for assembly into the huge set. Rehearsals will move there as well, beginning Sunday.
Wed, Oct 17 We did Act II. Ernie Matthews brought me 300 tickets, 100 each for the three shows and I’ll be selling them to the cast and to any other interested parties.
Mon, Oct 15 In the evening, in the rain, we returned to the Daily Times Building for Oliver rehearsal. We did Act I and Sherri reminded the kids that we are rehearsing on Halloween, and, No, they can’t wear their Halloween costumes to rehearsal. She also reminded everyone that this Saturday will be a long day of moving the set pieces to WiHi and assembling them into the set.
Sun, Oct 14 At the Methodist Church, we rehearsed all of the musical numbers. Once again, there were a lot of cast members missing and some of the Workhouse Gang members have not learned the words to the song. John Cannon, from Chicago, will play Noah Claypole. He was my idea, but Joe got credit for landing him. Oh, well. Ken, the set designer, sent me a design sketch for the set.
Wed, Oct 10 We did Act II, Scenes 4-6 at Christ United Methodist Church
Tue, Oct 9 With the carpet being removed at the Old Daily Times’ Building, rehearsal for Oliver was moved to the Christ United Methodist Church where we did Act II, Scenes 1-3. There is still no actor for Noah Claypool, so I gave Sherri some suggestions.
Tue, Oct 02 We rehearsed Act I, scenes 5-7. Sherri extended the Sunday rehearsal for the Fagin gang to 1630 and gave the cast a well-deserved chewing for so many of us still being “on book.”
Tue, Sep 25 The Workhouse Gang made a lot of progress on “Food, Glorious Food” and received blocking on “Oliver.” With the kids gone, the principals and chorus received extensive blocking for Act II Scene 6, the final scene. Sherri has been very nice about rehearsals to be missed during our week in Ocean City, but we’ll cut the visit short by one day.
Mon, Sep 24 Tonight's rehearsal was poorly attended. We did Act I Scene 7, The Capture of Oliver, and many chorus members were absent. We also tried to do "Consider Yourself" with the same problem. The posters and handbills are ready and I took 1 to put up in Giant. Sherri says there will be no yard signs.
Mon, Sep 17 I made 15 copies of the soundtrack of the 1994 London cast album of Oliver. We choreographed the pickpocket scene. The chorus snapped up 10 of the sound track copies, so I’ll make 15 more, tomorrow
Sun, Sep 16 In additional to singing, Mandy started Choreography with the two gangs and Sherri blocked the adults in the larger production numbers. I’ve been cut from the Oom-Pah-Pah number as she doesn’t want the doctor in the bar, but I can still rejoin the family group after my exit in Who Will Buy.
Sun, Aug 26 We had our 1st Choral rehearsal for Oliver, which went well.
Wed, Aug 22 We had our 1st rehearsal for Oliver which included passing out scripts, choral books and schedules. I rolled out the production website to help the director communicate with the company.
Mon, Aug 20 An email from Sherri Hynes reports I have been cast as Dr. Grimwig.
Mon, Aug 13 I auditioned for a role. First choice is Fagin, but that's unlikely. Second choice, Mr. Bumble, also unlikely. Third choice, Mr. Brownlow, but there are others in that demographic who will also be trying for the part. I tripped on my way up the three steps to the stage, but didn’t go all the way down. I forgot some of the words, but managed to get through 16 bars of Comedy Tonight. I read several parts and we were finished by 2110. There was a lot of talent, so we’ll see who Sherri picks. A spot in the chorus does look promising.`
Wed, Jul 04 Sherri has scheduled auditions for the kids on August 11 and for the adults on August 13 & 14.