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Easter in Wyomissing
We're going to Wyomissing to spend Easter, and Kate and Sal's 11th anniversary with the family.
Saturday: We left the house about 0830 and dropped off Buddy at Weeping Willow Kennel at 9. After a brief stop at Chick-fil-A, we headed north. I drove until Lyd finished breakfast and then she drove the rest of the way to Dover while I ate. At Dover, I took back the wheel for the rest of the drive to Wyomissing, arriving about 1215. We joined the kids playing outside in the afternoon until the temperature started to drop and Kate made a nice pasta, spinach and goat cheese dish for dinner.
Sunday: Leo slept in and finally came down at 0800 to join the rest of the family. It appears the Easter Bunny visited during the night and secreted his eggs around the house. As he always does, he connected his goodies with string so he could find them. The boys followed the string and collected the eggs and chocolate bunnies at the end of the string. Sal made a nice brunch of bacon, sausage and eggs. We got a phone message from Alejandra at Disney Guest Communication telling us that she received our Pixie Dust List. Family started arriving around 2 and we had a wonderful luncheon with half in the dining room and half in the kitchen as before. The big news was the attendance of Dave, Vicki and Isaiah Martin. Everybody was gone by 2000 and the boys went to bed.
We were up at 0545, and despite traffic warnings, we left at 0640 headed home. We did hit the breaks twice on the Blue Route, doing the last 4 miles at 40 mph. Otherwise, it was speedlimit+ the whole trip and, with Buddy, we were home by 1030. Buddy, promptly, got a bath. We had chili for dinner.