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In early March, Jerry and Linda decided to come for a visit and announced that Brian would be joining them from New York. Lyd and I decided to fly Julia, secretly, from Brisbane to be here, too. SKDL were coming for the weekend because Jerry, Linda and Brian were coming.
Wednesday (14): Juliaís flight departed the gate in Brisbane at 2037 our time, which is 1037, Thursday, Brisbane time. She was airborne at 1105 for her 25 hour journey.
Thursday (15): Juliaís flight shows an estimate in LAX at 0627. She landed in LAX and used her tablet to communicate her arrival. She departed again at 1105 LAX time (1405 here) enroute to PHL. At 1600 Kate called to report that Leo has a fever and they are not coming. We emailed Jerry and Linda and then communicated Plan B to Elaine, gaining her agreement. The Laws family will join Margaret and us at our house on Saturday evening for Tomgolian BBQ. The Sunday brunch at Market Street Inn will be moved from 1100 to 1230 to accommodate those going to church and Saturday nightís drinks at The Irish Penny will be cancelled. After changing planes in PHL, Julie arrived in SBY at 2200. We talked until 2330 and then all went to bed.
Friday (16): Julia went for a run up to Toney Tank and back. She crashed about 1000 and went back up for a nap.
Saturday (17): At 0605, itís 57o and Julia is out running. Elaine dropped off the key to Victorís car. At 1400, with Jerry, Linda and Brian in Philadelphia, Julia and I picked up Victorís car from Mallard Landing and headed for the airport. Jerry, Linda and Brianís plane landed on schedule and our mission to surprise them with Juliaís presence was completed with total success. They had no idea she was here and not in Australia. At 1730, Linda, Brian and Julia joined Margaret, Lyd and me. Jerry, Victor and Elaine arrived shortly thereafter. We had drinks and family time and we served our Clairmont Asian Stir-Fry, which Lyd calls Tomgolian BBQ. After dinner, Lyd took Margaret home and Elaine and Victor left as well. The rest of us visited for hours before Jerry and Brian went back to Mallard Landing. Linda and Julia spent the night with us.
Sunday (18): At 0631, itís 54, Julia is running and Linda is in the shower. Jerry dropped off clothes for Linda. At 1000, Lyd and Linda left to secure Margaret and they were then headed to church. We all assembled at 1230 at Market Street Inn. I surrendered to Linda and they picked up the check for lunch. After lunch, the Texas group went to an Open House at 1124 Riverside Drive, Victorís previous, unsold residence. Lyd and I had another round of Tomgolian BBQ for dinner. Linda and Julia returned to the house and we sat up and talked.
Monday (19): At 0636, itís 49. Julia is running and Linda is sleeping. I completed Margaretís marketing. Jerry and Brian picked up Linda and Julia at 10 to run errands. I met them and Greg and Karen Grieser at Victorís old house at 1100 and they talked about the renovations the house might need before it can be sold. The Laws group went off to activities with the rest of the family. I printed all of their boarding passes except for Juliaís Brisbane flight. Julia and Linda came back to the house around 9 and we talked for hours.
Tuesday (20): At 0625, itís 54 and Julia has just returned from running. Iím still not able to print her boarding pass for the Brisbane flight and that makes me nervous, but all of the flights are showing as on-time. Brian and Jerry joined us for a continental breakfast of available stuff. Jerry returned Victorís car to Mallard Landing and we picked him up and returned all of the Laws family to the airport for their flights home to New York, Dallas and Brisbane. At 1910, Linda called from Dallas. Dinner had been completed and Juliaís boarding pass secured.
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