The Man Who Came to Dinner
April, 2015
This screw-ball comedy focuses on the misadventures of Sheridan Whiteside, an irascible man who becomes confined to bed after breaking his hip following supper with the Stanleys. A tumultuous six weeks follow in which the Stanley living room is monopolized by the petulant, hot-tempered invalid all the while ex-convicts are invited to meals and transatlantic calls bring home a $784 phone bill. The arrival of strange gifts from Whiteside's friends further destroys all hope of domestic tranquility for the Stanleys.
Tom (previously appearing in the Wizard of Oz) is cast in his 6th role with Players as a Plainclothes Detective.
Fri, Apr 17 Opening night played to a full house and went well.
Thu, Apr 16 Players' Night with Lyd in attendance.
Mon, Apr 13 Full show rehearsals are now at WorWic Community College.
Sat, Mar 21 I went to Nutter’s Road playhouse to work on the set for The Man Who Came to Dinner, in lieu of running trains at the OPS session for DMRRC.
Mon, Mar 16 A rehearsal of Group VI. With many cast members missing, I did the lines of two others in the same scene as mine.
Tue, Mar 10 We blocked Act 3. I have already memorized BOTH of my lines (all 9 words), so I'm off book.
Sun, Feb 22 At 1900, CPOS had a read through of The Man Who Came to Dinner; I have 2 lines. I was home at 2145.
Fri, Feb 20 Kel called and I have a walk-on part. Professor Metz went to another actor.
Wed, Feb 18
Auditions for The Man Who Came to Dinner started at 7. I expressed interest in the parts of Dr. Bradley, the butler and Professor Metz. The Director had me read selections for Mr. Stanley, Dr. Bradley and Professor Metz.
Wed, Aug 6
Show dates are 4/17 & 18, and 4/24 & 25. We'll be at WDW the preceding week, so a part is not likely.
Wed, Apr 23 This will be the 3rd show of the 77th season.