Home Tom's Cataract OS 2016
Tom had a cataract procedure in the right eye (OD) to replace the lens with which he was born. The left eye (OS) was done in April, 2015. This is an easy procedure, and is less painful that having on'e teeth cleaned and takes less time. The procedure will be done by Dr. Jason Tu at the Azar Eye Institute.
2016-01-06: We arrived at 0640, completed paper work and then waited, in the queue, for my turn, which occurred at 0800. I was mostly conscious during the procedure and was aware of a minor light show. We left Azar at 0815 and were home by 0830. My right eye vision is a bit foggy and the eye is a bit itchy.

2016-01-07: The pressure in the right eye was in the 40's, so he "poked it," expressing some fluid and dropped the pressure to 6. Eye drops to continue; wear the eye shield only at night and only through Saturday, then discard. My next check-up is on Monday.
2016-01-11: He is pleased with my progress and revised my eye drop regimen.