Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland

2015 2016 2017
Dec 31: End-Of-Year newsletter
Dec 30: FSU Football beat Michigan 33-32 in the Orange Bowl.
Dec 21: Bill's arrival started the Christmas Holidays.
Nov 24: Otto is finished
Nov 12: SKDL were here for an early Thanksgiving.
Nov 05: Our fall holiday at Walt Disney World.
Oct 23: ACL on the Hudson River
Oct 18: Hurricane Nicole
Oct 09: Hurricane Matthew
Oct 08: A weekend with SKDL in Ocean City.
Sep 25: Tropical Storm Karl
Sep 24: Tropical Storm Lisa
Sep 18: Wyomissing birthday weekend.
Sep 18: Tropical Storm Julia
Sep 16: Tropical Storm Ian
Sep 06: Hurricane Hermine
Sep 03: Hurricane Gaston
Sep 01: Margaret's 105th birthday.
Sep 01: Tropical Depression 8
Aug 23: Tropical Storm Fiona
Aug 06: Hurricane Earl
Jul 08: A weekend in Baltimore with SKDL .
Jun 20: We went to Canada.
Jun 20: Tropical Storm Danielle
Jun 13: FSU lost to Florida in the NCAA Super Regional
Jun 07: Tropical Storm Colin
May 31: Buddy's Cherry Eye procedure.
May 30: Tropical Storm Bonnie.
May 28: Jerry and Brian Laws were be here for a visit.
May 08: SKDL were here for a visit.
Apr 13: Tom had jury duty in a civil case.
Apr 02: Pat Cascone was here for a visit.
Mar 27: Easter in Wyomissing
Mar 01: Spring Holiday at Walt Disney World.
Feb 15: Snow #3 brought 6".
Feb 06: SKDL were here for the weekend.
Jan 29: Purchased 2016 Nissan Rogue.
Jan 22: Our 2nd snow of the season brought about 5".
Jan 17: Our 1st snow of the season dropped 2".
Jan 15: Hurricane Alex
Jan 06: Tom had the cataract in his right eye removed.