Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland

2016 2017 2018
Dec 31: End-Of-Year newsletter
Dec 25: Maryland Family Christmas
Dec 11: ACL Southeast cruise
Dec 09: Our 1st snow: 7"
Nov 19: SKDL were here for an early Thanksgiving
Nov 13: WDW fall holiday
Nov 06: Nielsen TV ratings diary.
Nov 06: Tropical Storm Rina
Nov 01: Astros won the World Series.
Oct 31: Halloween
Oct 29: Tropical Storm Philippe
Oct 24: Bill and Vicky Payne were here for a visit.
Oct 22: Autumn Wine Festival.
Oct 15: Hurricane Ophelia
Oct 10: Weekend in Ocean City
Oct 08: Hurricane Nate
Sep 30: Hurricane Maria
Sep 30: Hurricane Lee
Sep 22: Hurricane Jose
Sep 21: Cousin Henry came for lunch
Sep 18: Tropical Storm Lee
Sep 17: Wyomissing birthday weekend.
Sep 12: Hurricane Irma
Sep 09: Hurricane Katia
Sep 01: Margaret's 106th birthday
Aug 30: Harvey [again]
Aug 29: Disturbance 10
Aug 19: Tropical Storm Harvey #1
Aug 17: Hurricane Gert
Aug 10: A week traveling through Canada.
Aug 08: Tropical Storm Franklin
Aug 01: Tropical Storm Emily
Jul 20: Buddy's tongue tumor
Jul 18: Tropical Storm Don
Jul 09: Baltimore Inner Harbor weekend with SKDL.
Jul 07: Tropical Depression 4 is finished.
Jun 24: Tropical Storm Cindy is finished.
Jun 21: FSU Baseball is eliminated from the CWS.
Jun 21: SKDL were with us at WDW.
Jun 20: Tropical Storm Bret.
Jun 11: FSU Baseball won the Tallahassee Super Regional.
Jun 05: FSU Baseball won the Tallahassee Regional Tournament.
Jun 03: We attended the wedding of Rachael & Joseph.
May 28: ACC Baseball Tournament Champion is FSU.
Apr 30: SKDL were here for the weekend.
Apr 29: 32nd Commissioner's Academic Challenge.
Apr 21: Tropical Storm Arlene.
Apr 17: Wyomissing for Easter.
Apr 06: A cruise with ACL didn't happen
Mar 07: Spring holiday at WDW with Pat Cascone.
Feb 12: Victor H. Laws, Jr. died.
Feb 08: I toured the American Constellation.
Feb 04: SKDL here for the weekend.
Jan 20: Inauguration Day
Jan 07: Snow 10.25"