Home Wyomissing Weekend 2017
We're going to Wyomissing to celebrate birthdays for Kate, Dominic and Leo.
Friday: At 0641, itís 72. Margaret didnít get up, so by 0815, we were on the road to Wyomissing. We dropped Buddy at Weeping Willow Kennel and headed north at 0845. After a quick stop at Chick-Fil-A, as is our habit, I continued driving to the Route 9 cut off for Georgetown. There, with Lew having finished her breakfast, she took the wheel up to Dover. With expressway driving ahead of us, I resumed driving duties on Delaware Route 1, and into Pennsylvania on I-96, I-476, I76 (The Pennsylvania Turnpike) and I-176 from Morgantown and into Reading. We pulled into the kidsí driveway at 1245, a normal drive with no incidents. With the boys still in school, Kate joined us to run errands. We stopped at her office for our first ever visit. From there, we headed to the Italian Grocery where Kate stocked up for the evening dinner and we obtained a nice bottle of Balsamic Vinegar. One more stop at her tailor and back to the house. I took a short nap and awakened when they boys got home about 4. Sal had a meeting and returned at 5:30. The boys opened a few birthday gifts before dinner. Kate served a one-dish of squid spaghetti, roasted Brussels sprouts, Shrimp and bacon which was quite tasty; followed by a salad and the lemon squares we had brought for the birthday weekend. Kate went out with a friend to recognize her birthday and we played a Mario race game on their Wii. At 2027, itís 75 in Wyomissing and we went to bed.
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Kate's Office
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Saturday: At 0643, itís 64 in Wyomissing. SKDL made sausage and eggs for brunch. We added Amazon to the phones and ordered a vegetarian cookbook that Lew liked. We played a desert survival game with the boys. Family started to arrive at 3, with Santo, Ann and Corvita the first to arrive, followed soon after by Bob and Mary Beth. Mark was the last. The boys opened more gifts while we snacked on shrimp, pretzels, crab dip and crackers and cheese. Soon, Mark and his Dad played Pokemon at one end of the table, with most of the rest of us playing poker; Corvita being the big winner. Depression 14 became Lee and Depression 15, Maria, in the eastern Atlantic, with Jose still churning towards the US. The pizza arrived and we played polish poker for a awhile before the boys had to go to bed and the party began to break up. At 2200, itís 73.
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Party Food

Sunday: At 0600, itís 68 in Wyomissing. We were on the road by 0730. The short distance from the Turnpike to the Blue Route was single lane due to road work, as was a mile or two in downtown Wilmington. We were at Weeping Willow by 1130 and home by 1145 without incident.