Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland

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Dec 31: End-Of-Year newsletter
Dec 23: Maryland Christmas
Dec 09: Snow #1.
Dec 04: The house has a new roof.
Nov 18: SKDL Thanksgiving.
Nov 07: Fall Holiday at WDW.
Oct 31: Halloween
Oct 31: Hurricane Oscar
Oct 13: Hurricane Leslie
Oct 12: Tropical Storm Nadine
Oct 12: Hurricane Michael
Oct 07: Bill and SKDL were with us in Ocean City.
Sep 25: Subtropical Storm Leslie
Sep 24: Tropical Storm Kirk
Sep 23: Tropical Depression 11
Sep 18: Tropical Storm Joyce
Sep 16: Hurricane Helene
Sep 16: Hurricane Florence
Sep 16: Wyomissing for the birthday weekend.
Sep 15: Tropical Storm Isaac
Sep 05: Tropical Storm Gordon
Aug 30: 823 Riverside Drive was sold at auction.
Aug 17: Tropical Storm Ernesto
Aug 09: Tropical Storm Debby
Jul 16: Ohio cruise aboard Queen of The Mississippi
Jul 12: Hurricane Chris
Jul 08: Hurricane Beryl
Jul 08: SKDL were here for the weekend.
Jun 17: SKDL weekend in Washington DC
Jun 05: FSU Softball won the National Championship.
Jun 02: FSU Baseball lost in the NCAA Regional Tournament.
May 29: Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto
May 16: Patsy was coming for a Broadway Adventure.
May 15: Margaret Laws Engle passed away at age 106.
May 06: SKDL were here for the weekend.
May 01: We met Roy and Henry Hensel for lunch.
Apr 18: Tom did CAC #33 at WDW.
Apr 18: Julia's wedding.
Apr 01: Easter in Wyomissing.
Mar 21: Snow #3 was nothing.
Mar 07: WDW spring holiday.
Feb 22: Buddy had a cardiologist appointment.
Feb 18: SKDL were here for the weekend.
Jan 03: Snow #2 was 8"