Home Birthdays in Wyomissing
<<< September 15, 2018 >>>
We went to Wyomising for the Birthday weekend.
Thursday, September 13, 2018
At 0632, itís 75 and drizzling. We packed and left at 0755, headed for Wyomissing. By 0815, we were clear of the kennel and headed north. We stopped at Chick-fil-A as is our habit and I drove while Lew ate and we switched north of Seaford. She drove in a heavy misting drizzle up to Camden where I took the wheel and we continued to Wyomissing, arriving at 1215. Sal had a meeting, so after some cheese and crackers we both napped. When Kate got home, she served grilled chicken, orzo and roasted asparagus. After dinner, the boys opened birthday gifts. At 2050, itís 75.
Friday, September 14, 2018
At 0620, itís 70 in Wyomissing and Sal is running in the basement. After the boys left for school, Lew and Kate went shopping at Charlotte Shoppe for Kateís birthday presents. Afterwards we went to Say Cheese for lunch. We came home to naps. As Florence was coming ashore in the Carolinas, family assembled for the boys' birthday party. Mark arrived, followed by Mary Beth and Corvita and then Bob. Sal secured pizzas (plain, pepperoni and spinach) for dinner and we played cards afterwards. We finished the evening with a game of Pandemic, which we lost. At 2200, itís 71 in Wyomissing.
Saturday, September 15, 2018
At 0637, itís 64 in Wyomissing. We had a lovely brunch of bacon, eggs, English muffins, bagels and fruit. We followed Kate to Exeter and Leoís baseball game. This is ďCoach PitchĒ and lasts six innings. At the plate, Leo went 4 for 5, and in the field, caught a pop-up and threw the ball to first, doubling up that runner. They donít really keep score. From there we all went to Mission BBQ, an excellent BBQ place with a patriotic flair. Lew had a sandwich, I had brisket and the rest of the family had a load of ribs. We went back to the house, briefly, before heading for Dominicís game, north of town. We spent some time on winding roads when Kate texted we had been given directions to the wrong field. This game started at 1730 with Dominicís team losing 5-3 in 6 innings. It was just getting dark when we got back to the house. At 2103, itís 72 in Wyomissing.
Sunday, September 16, 2018
At 0620, itís 63 in Wyomissing. Kate slept in on her birthday, but the rest of the family said their good-byes and we were on the road at 0700 in a heavy fog. We picked up Buddy and were home at 1120, with Buddy.