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SKDL were here for a weekend visit.
Friday, May 4
Dominicís Lecher Lions had a baseball game at 1800, so they didnít arrive here until 2345. At 0005, itís 75.
Saturday, May 5
At 0628, itís 70o and we have opened, at least for a while. The boys, and then Kate were down by 0730. Kate and Lew went over to 823 at 0800 while the boys enjoyed time on the iPads. A Disney discussion resulted in the boys choosing lake view at BLT for next summerís trip. We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch followed by VP shopping for Kate and Lew and a trip to the zoo for Sal and the boys. While dinnerís ribs were roasting, we watched Paddington 2, followed by the Kentucky Derby. We then joined FSU Baseball at Clemson already in progress, won by FSU 3-2 in 13 innings. At 2200, itís 64o.
Sunday, May 6
At 0635, itís 62o and everybodyís down by 0700. Following a quick breakfast, SKDL were on the road by 10 as Leo has a 1500 t-ball game.