Home SKDL Will Visit 2018
SKDL were here for the weekend.
Thursday, Jul 5:
SKDL pulled in at 2215, and at 2335, and 79o, we were all in bed.
Friday, Jul 6:
At 0612. Itís 77o and Sal is running. Everybody was down, soon thereafter. Sal worked from the dining room table and the kids and I played Risk on the kitchen counter. We went to lunch at Sakura. Following lunch Lew and Kat went to Vernon Powell, and The Dressing Room. The boys watched Tron and I napped. We had Lewís Shrimp Fettucini for dinner with garlic bread and salad, followed by Blueberry Crisp. After dinner we watched Nanny McPhee. At 2300, itís 77o.
Saturday, Jul 7:
At 0644, itís 69o. With the doors and windows open, they boys spent some time running around the yard. We had deli sandwiches and pasta artichoke salads for lunch and the boys watched Ratatouille. We had a tenderloin roast for dinner with scalloped potatoes, broccoli salad and the rest of the blueberry crisp. Sal and Kate watched Lost in Space on their Netflix account. At 2225, itís 66o, but we elected to close up the house due to humidity.
Sunday, Jul 8:
At 0556, itís 60o and weíre open again, down stairs. SKDL left at 0740 as Leo has a choral rehearsal this afternoon