Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland &
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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Dec 31: End-of-year Newsletter
Nov 29: Christmas Holiday Season
Nov 06: WDW Fall Holiday
Oct 31: Halloween
Sep 24: Our Pearl Seas Cruise
Sep 17: Charlene Baron was here for a visit.
Sep 14: Ferrarello Birthdays
Sep 01: We did 3 Broadway shows in NYC.
Aug 17: Lyd's brother, Bill, visited.
Aug 12: Our ACL Mississippi Cruise
Jun 19: Family Vacation at WDW
May 03: Move In Day in Wyomissing, PA
May 02: Closing Date for the Salisbury house
May 01: Move Out Day in Salisbury, MD
Apr 21: Easter in Wyomissing
Apr 18: We bought the Wyomissing house
Apr 14: Tom attended CAC #34 at WDW Boardwalk
Mar 26: Tom recorded Habits of Devotion
Mar 04: WDW Spring Holiday
Feb 20: Snow #3 with 1/2"
Feb 17: SKDL were here for the weekend
Jan 31: Our Salisbury house is for sale.
Jan 25: We committed to a house in Wyomissing
Jan 13: Snow #2
Jan 01: New Year's Day