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October, 2019
Normally, October 31st, weather played a role.
With heavy rains forecast across Pennsylvania, all the local boroughs began their dance of when will Halloween be recognized. Some communities elected to move it up to Wednesday while others pushed it back to Friday. Wyomissing, recognizing they have no authority to move a holiday, mandated that, within the confines of the borough, Halloween would be celebrated on Thursday, the 31st, RAIN OR SHINE.
The only right thing for us to do was to observe all three.
Wednesday, October 30:
Soon after Dominic and Leo got home from school, Kate notified us that they would be out, in costume, tonight. Therefore, just before 6, I took a folding chair, and the bowl of jelly bean packets and stationed myself outside the front door. I had about 10 kids, including Dominic and Leo, and friends of D&L, or friends of Kate, sent to us because we were “open for business.” About 1930, with rain drops beginning to fall, I closed up and went in for Game 7 of the World Series.
Thursday, October 31:
Just before 6, Dominic arrived to help hand out candy. We set up on the front porch on a beautiful evening, with temps in the low 70s and clouds racing across the evening sky pushed by a blustery wind that knocked Spike over several times. By 7, we’d had nearly 60 Trick or Treaters and parental escorts. Only 10 more showed between 7 and 8. Sal collected D at 8 and I closed down and turned out the porch light soon thereafter. The holiday-drowning rains that had been forecast to washout Halloween finally roared through at 2145, accompanied by both storm and flash flood warnings from local authorities.
Friday, November 1:
Lew took down the decorations. By 1800, it’s 45o and we will not be hosting any Trick or Treaters tonight; lights off and door closed.