Spring, 2019
With the death of Margaret, there is nothing holding us in Salisbury, and the lure of grandsons is strong, so we're moving to Wyomissing, PA.
Fri, May 3 -Just before 8, we left SKDL’s and went to the house, where the moving vans had just arrived. For the next 4 hours, with Kate helping in supervision, the 6 men unloaded the two trucks into 1860 Reading Blvd. Kate and Lew then went out to retrieve Buddy from the kennel and began unpacking. We had a pizza for dinner and put D14L10 in the front door. At 2155, it’s 61 and raining.
Thu, May 2 At 0545, it’s 54 at SKDL’s house in Wyomissing, PA, our new home. By 0630, I was at the new house where painting was underway. Around 0800, additional members of Gus’s crew arrived and continued renovation work. Cara cleaned for several hours and will probably schedule us for a Thursday morning, each month.
Wed, May 1 At 0800, Bates Movers showed up with two trucks and 4 men and began the loadout. At 1330, we departed Salisbury for the last time, arriving in Wyomissing at 1730 and commuter traffic.
Tue, Apr 30 Aaron, from Bates Moving, arrived at 0746 to pack and inventory. At 1500, we took the Altima out to Bates’ warehouse for loading onto the truck.
Mon, Apr 29 We continued packing and went to the offices of Gil Allen to pre-sign the papers to sell the Salisbury house. Gil will UPS the check to Rebekah Hodges at Merrill Lynch on Thursday.
Fri, Apr 26 We continued packing and I confirmed Cara’s cleaning schedule and arrangements with Kate and spoke with Bill Von Paris, Jr, at Bates who confirmed receipt of our check. They will send two trucks and want the Altima to load at Benny Street on Tuesday. Donna removed the lockbox and will have someone lockup on Wednesday after we leave for PA.
Thu, Apr 25 A flurry of emails finally established the pre-signing for the closure at 4 on Monday at Nancy’s attorneys’ office. She and her painter arrived at 4 to determine the painting she wants done. Frank called from Omega Builders with the quote for the flooring, kitchen cabinet raising, powder room cabinet repair and living room fireplace. I signed and returned it and sent the deposit. Work may start tomorrow or Saturday.
Sat, Apr 20 Nancy went into the Salisbury house to do some measuring.
Fri, Apr 19 Gus and Frank sketched out the initial phase of work we want done, including flooring and shelving. Estimate to follow.
Thu, Apr 18 We bought the Wyomissing house.
Wed, Apr 17 We drove to Wyomissinf for the purchase and Easter weekend.
Tue, Apr 16 We sent a check to Bates Moving and Storage and packed the Rogue with art work
Mon, Apr 15 Gail called from Merrill Lynch and we wired the money to Wyomissing for Thursday’s closing.
Sat, Apr 6 An email from Donna reports the buyer is not asking for anything to be done in house repair.-
Mon, Apr 1 At 1426, Nancy’s agent’s wife arrived. Nancy arrived at 1505 and her home inspector, Gary, at 1520. Until 1700, they inspected the house. From 1700 to 1830, Nancy visited, enjoyed the company of Jenn Jordan and had a glass of wine. I invited her to join NextDoor and also Dropbox.
Mon, Mar 25 Nancy will have the house inspected on April 1.
Sat, Mar 23 We have a buyer for #224. Nancy, with several members of her family, had her 2nd showing last Sunday. Today, her agent made an offer. After two counter offers, we have an agreement, closing on May 2. We have requested a pre-signing on either April 29 or April 30.
Sun, Mar 17 Nancy, her mom “Wheezie” and her daughter, sister and BFF toured the house for a 2nd time, staying for more than a hour.
Wed, Feb 27 Lisa Tiger called to tell us we are, actually, buying two parcels that make up the lot.
Sat, Feb 23 A showing to two women.
Thu, feb 21 I arranged for Comcast and water/sewer at the new house and for Comcast disconnect in Salisbury. The Pennsylvania closing is April 18 at 1000.
Wed, Feb 20 Avery Hall will arrange homeowner's insurance.
Tue, Feb 19 Millie and Donna invited over 30 local agents to tour the house.
Mon, Feb 18 Lisa reports we have an agreement; closing April 18th on the Wyomissing house..
Thu, Feb 14 An SU professor and her husband looked at the Salisbury house.
Sun, Feb 10 There was a 4th showing of #224.
Thu, Feb 7 There were three different showings of the Salisbury house.
Tue, Feb 5 We secured a large load of empty boxes from Bates Moving and Storage. At 1515, Long and Foster put the “For Sale” sign in the yard. Lisa reports the home inspection of 1860 Reading was completed.
Mon, Jan 28 Millie and Donna brought the papers and 224 North Clairmont has been listed for sale.
Fri, Jan 25 The Seller counter-offered and we accepted. Settlement date will be May 1
Thu, Jan 24 We made an offer fo 1860 Reading Blvd.
Wed, Jan 23 Lisa sent us papers to review on 1860 Reading and, at 7, she called and we discussed the 8 documents and how to fill them out.
Tue, Jan 22 We called Bates Moving and Storage and sent an email to a realtor, who will meet with us on Thursday.
Sat, Jan 19 Kate, Leo and Lisa Tiger took a walking tour of 1860 Reading Blvd with Kate using Facetime and we are close to making an offer.
Thu, Jan 17 In an email from Lisa, we learned 138 Deborah was gone.
Wed, Jan 16
We opened a dialogue with Lisa Tiger, a Realtor Kate found in Wyomissing and examined the pictures of several houses.
Fri, Dec 21
Arriving for the Christmas Holidays, Kate amended her recommendation that we move directly to Wyomissing. After much discussion, all weekend, we're going to list our house and contact a realtor in Wyomissing in late April or Early May, with a target of an early July moving
Fri, Nov 16 Upon their arrival for the Thanksgiving Weekend, Kate raised the subject of our moving to the Allentown area of Pennsylvania.