Home Birthday Weekend 2019
With three Ferrarello birthdays in one week, we will celebrate all three with a party.
Wednesday: Lyd and Kate went clothes shopping for Kate's birthday.
Friday: SKDL came for a dinner of Beef Tenderloin and we presented the boys with birthday gifts for Dominic's 11th birthday and Leo's 8th of a Bolt action American Army for D and a German Army for Leo, with a lighted magnifying glass for D'd painting of the figures, and some historical fiction for Leo.
Saturday: At 2, we went over to SKDL's for the birthday party. We took Bacon-wrapped Brussel's Sprouts (!) at Leo's request. They were "interesting," though not to be repeated. Anne's shrimp and a pretzel tray proved to be more entertaining A chunk of the afternoon was spent in various family card games with Corvita, Santo and Ann, Mark, Mary Beth and Bob in addition to SKDL. The boys opened gifts and Dominic's Halloween cotume of a jet pack was a hit. Dinner followed with a huge bowl of pasta accompanied by meatballs and both sweet and hot sausages. We left before dessert appeared.