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Tue, Mar 27 Dr. Barbara took more blood, and it's so good, she doesn't have to do it agin for 4-6 months.
Tue, Mar 13 Dr. Barbara came and took some blood to make sure my new meds aren't hurting me. She sent a text saying my blood looks great!
Thu, Feb 22 I'm gonna' go for a ride in the car. We're going up to Annapolis and the doctor is going to take pictures of my heart. Mom says no needles. How cool is THAT?
[Dad's Note: Buddy has had a heart murmur for years. Now that he has started coughing, Dr. Wygal, DVM, has recommended we see a cardiologist. We left at 0815 to gas the car and head for Annapolis. We arrived at CVCA, Cardiac Care for Pets at 1030. Buddy had his blood pressure taken (120 psi) in his tail and was examined ($185) by Dr. Mike Hickey, DVM Cardiology. He had an echocardiogram ($485) and is diagnosed with chronic degenerative valvular disease. His heart murmur is causing the heart to enlarge and the heart muscle to weaken. Meds were prescribed to slow the degeneration, but the estimate is that he (we) have about 18 months.]
Mon, Jan 29 Mom's noticed I'm coughing a little more, so she called Dr. Barbara who came to see me today. I got lots of treats and I think she gave me a shot, but I'm not sure. They said I weigh 40.6 lbs, which is down a little bit. Anyway, Dr. Barbara says I need to go see a cardiologist (what ever THAT is) in a few weeks, but at least I'll get a ride in the car.
Thu, Jan 4 We got a load of snow; up to my chest and hard to walk through. Some men came to remove the snow from the driveway. I chased them away, but they put stuff on the driveway that hurts my feet and it's still very cold.
Mon, Jan 1 WOW, it is cold! It was 15 this morning when Mom and I got up. After breakfast, Mom and I usually walk around the block; takes about 10 minutes. This morning, I pooped, and Mom turned around and we went back inside where she lit the fireplace. Ahhhh, that's better.