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It's April 1st, 2018, and Easter Weekend. I'm spending the weekend at Weeping Willow with friends while Mom and Dad go to Wyomissing for the Easter Weekend.
April 9th, it's back to my vacation resort. Dad went to Orlando for a Disney thing and Mom went, with Kate, to Dallas for a wedding thing. Mom picked me up at the end of my vacation.
On the 18th we celebrated my adoption 9 years ago. I was still on vacation, and there was no cake.
May 15th, my Grammie died. She was 106 and hadn't been to see me in a long time. She wrote a book about me and used to come and play with me. The family came, and I had lots of play time.
On June 14th, I got to go on vacation again, cause Mom and Dad had to go to Washington.