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Mon, Dec 25 Happy Birthday to ME! We're not really sure when I was born, but Mom and Dad assigned the 25th of December in 2007 as my birthday. Therefore, in dog years, that makes me 70. No wonder I like to sleep.
Tue, Dec 19 Mom and Dad baked Christmas Cookies. I didn't get any even though I helped!
Fri, Nov 17 The Wyomissing family came for an early Thanksgiving. Dominic is getting better as he gets older.
Tue, Nov 7 Mom and Dad went back to Disney again --- without me, again. I'm pretty sure I'm never going.
Halloween "Spike" has been sitting in the front door all month, "guarding." Yeah, guarding the house is my job, and Spike doesn't even know how to bay.
Jeopardy One of our family routines is, just before bedtime with Mom, she and Dad like to watch Jeopardy on TV. I like it, too, because Dad leaves his desk chair and sits on the sofa. Guess what happens..........
Tue, Oct 24 Bill and Vicky Payne came for a visit. Wait a minute..... They brought an invader into MY house. It's a terrier and his name is Rudy. My first impression of him was NOT good, but I was a good host. He chewed a lot of MY TOYS into little bits. Everybody thought he was cute until he peed on the sofa. I've NEVER done that, 'cause that's BAD!
Thu, Oct 5 Jerry and Linda came for a visit from Texas. I like them as Linda gives me lots of skritches. The next day, I got to go to Little Paws. My family went to the beach for a vacation and a wedding. I can't go.
Lucy T. Dog Mom and Dad have a great friend Pat, who lives in Tennessee. She has little girl and her name is Lucy T. Dog. I wish she'd come for a visit, 'cause I think I'd like her.
Fri, Sep 15 I got to spend the weekend at Little Paws. It's fun as I get to play outside. I think Mom and Dad went to Wyomissing to see Sal, Kate and the boys. I think there's somebody there called "Tess." It might be a cat. I can't go.
Mon, Sep 11 Dr. Barbara came for my semi-annual examination. I think she gives me shots, but as long as those treats keep coming, I don't mind. I weigh 42 pounds. Dad says that's a lot.
Tue, Sep 5 Mom gave me a bath. I usually get one each month. I really don't like it, but I'm pretty good. As soon as I'm dry, Mom sends me downstairs where Dad has my biscuit waiting for me.
Fri, Sep 1 It's Grammy's birthday. She's 106. That's 742 in dog years. I wish she'd come for a visit, but she doesn't get out much.