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Bill and Vicky Payne, en route from a visit with daughter, Cathy, to a visit with son, Will, came to Salisbury for their 1st visit since Cathy's wedding, 7 years ago.
Bill and Vicky arrived, from the Baltimore area, around 1100, Tuesday, with, surprise(!), their little terrier, Rudy. Buddy and Rudy, initially suspicious of each other, soon became friends, though the two-year old visitor soon destroyed some of Buddy's chew toys. Though the initial plans had been for a lunch visit, after we established that they were headed north to Will and Caitlin, we invited them to spend the night and depart the next day. Shortly after noon, we drove to Sakura for lunch. After lunch, we enjoyed the mild weather on the porch. Around 3, with Lew and Buddy on their afternoon walk, Cindy arrived from Sakura with a new menu surprise experiment of Asian pork balls for us to try. Having guessed correctly that they might stay the night, Lew presented the pre-planned chicken enchiladas for dinner. After dinner, we returned to the family room and caught a few reruns of Last Man Standing. At 2000, Lew and Buddy; and Vicky and Rudy went to bed. Bill and I chatted while the L.A. Dodgers took the Houston Astros 3-1 in Game 1 on the World Series. At 2240, it's 64 and the windows are open in the bedrooms.
Wednesday morning, Vicky and Rudy came down first, with Bill close behind. Lew got back from Margaret's R&R a little after 9, and, by 0930, Bill, Vicky , and Rudy were on the road to the Boston area.
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