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Feb, 2017
February 12th, Victor H. Laws, Jr. died in Wicomico Nursing Home at the age of 97. The funeral is February 18th.
Sunday 2/12: Elaine called a little after 2 to report that Victor had died at 1:30. She was at his side, holding his hand. We called Linda, Kate and Bill and await their plans as soon as Victor's arrangements have been determined.
Monday 2/13: I called Tony and Marie with the news of Victor's death. Pictures of VHL were sent to Linda and Vic. Linda supplied flights for her family. SKDL will arrive Friday afternoon.
Tuesday 2/14: We told Margaret of Victor's death and she took it well. There was an article in the Salisbury Independent and his obit was published. Linda agreed to their staying with us on Thursday evening. Later, she reported interment will be on Tuesday and Jerry will fly home just after.
Thursday 2/16: 1650: Jerry and Linda are on the ground at SBY. 1720: Kate called with birthday wishes and reported that both boys have been pulled from school tomorrow and they will arrive after lunch. Jerry and Linda arrived a little before 6 with flowers for Lew's birthday. We served Chicken Parmesan, Bavarian beans and garlic bread.
Friday 2/17: Lew got Margaret dressed during R&R and Jerry and Linda had bagels for breakfast. They left at 1100 headed for the airport to secure Brian. SKDL pulled in at 1430. At 1630, Kate and Lew secured Margaret and headed for Holloway Funeral Home. We followed at 1650. The family turnout was good and the public turnout, huge. We brought Brian back with us for pasta and meatballs. Jerry and Linda joined us at 2030. Bill's flight from DEN was late, causing him to miss his first connection. He rebooked and came in at 0930, with Sal volunteering to pick him up at SBY airport. By 10, Jerry, Linda and Brian were gone to Mallard Landing and Bill left for 823. At 2229, it's 37.

Saturday 2/18: At 0642, it's 35 and Sal and the boys are already up. Bagels were for all hands and Lew went over for Margaret's R&R. SKDL made their avatar and magic band choices for June and I finished writing to the restaurant proprietors for March. We left for Forest Grove Church at 1415 for the 1500 funeral for Victor where boarding passes for tomorrow's flights were delivered. The church was packed. The service started with military honors from the Maryland National Guard. I offered an anecdote about our last meeting and his being a Democrat and me a Republican. Lew and I returned to the house and the rest of the family went to Tall Tails Brewery. The boys were returned to the house and Sal and Kate went to Fruitland for bowling with the rest of the family crowd. 2327, It's 55.            

Sunday 2/19: Bill arrived at 0545. We picked up Brian at 0600, and I took them both to SBY for their 0708 flight to CLT. Dominic and Leo came down shortly after I got home from the airport. At 0900, I printed Linda's boarding passes. Jerry and Linda came about 1115 and took all of us out to lunch at Sakura. They headed back to Mallard and SKDL left for Wyomissing. In the afternoon, Jerry and Linda visited Margaret. At 2220, it's 55.
Monday 2/20: Linda got off on time to return to PHL/DFW.
Tuesday 2/21: I joined Jerry at the interment of Victor and then took him to his flight.