Historic South and Golden Isles
An American Tragedy in Four Acts
Apr 6-15, 2017
This is what was planned.....
Our sixth cruise with American Cruise Lines was to be to the Golden Isles. Flight cancelation caused it to destruct before it ever started.
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..... and this is what really happened.
April 6-7, 2017, An American Tragedy in Four Acts
Act I: Salisbury
Scene 1: Pre-flight
Scene 2: Ground Hold
Act II: Philadelphia
Scene 1: Arrival and brunch
Scene 2: AA4056
Scene 3: Canceled
Scene 4: The long tired line
Scene 5: ACL falls short
Scene 6: A place to stay
Scene 7. Where are our bags?
Scene 8: Hertz Hurts
Scene 9: SALvation
Scene 10: Baggage B
Act III: Wyomissing
Scene 1: PA Turnpike
Scene 2: Now what?
Scene 3: Lew's decision
Scene 4: ACL tries harder
Act IV: The Journey Home
Scene 1: Hertz
Scene 2: Applebees
Scene 3: US13: