Home An American Tragedy 2017
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Scene 1: Pre-flight:
We were up before the alarm and out of the house by 0715 for the easy drive to the airport. Check-in was easy as was TSA check. We're told they will have a scanner this summer. 0800: I texted Linda and Kate with our location. We boarded on time, closed the door, on time, and left the ramp, on time at 0840.
Scene 2: Ground Hold:
Though we were on time, the pilot of AA4860 informed us they were in a single runway environment at PHL and Air Traffic Control (ATC) gave us a 40 minute ground hold in SBY to force a later arrival in PHL. The 40 minute hold became an hour and we finally departed SBY at 0939 on runway 14. This shouldn't be a problem as our connection time in PHL is not very tight.