Home An American Tragedy 2017
|≤ <<< Act III: Wyomissing >>> ≥|
Scene 1: PA Turnpike:
Sal drove us back to Wyomissing as I related the account of the day. Reaching the house, Lew quickly went to bed while Sal, Kate and I researched alternatives for the next day. About 2330, Thursday, I caved in to the day's stresses and also went to bed.
Scene 2: Now what?:
Friday, I learned, via MarineTraffic.com, that American Star was just off Charleston Harbor, inbound. I wrote to Drew Godfrey, the hotel manager with customer service at ACL and expressed my disappointment with the failure to rebook the cruise and also asked if the current itinerary was still accurate as we were considering joining the Star in Savannah.
Scene 3: Lew's decision:
Lew came down and vetoed the plan to join the ship in Savannah, expressing, as I predicted, a desire to go home. She was tired and the trip no longer peaked her interest. I really didn't disagree.
Scene 4: ACL tries harder:
Gail, a customer service manager with ACL, having been contacted by Drew, called to express her dismay at how the rebook request had been handled the previous day and offered us the Owner's Suite, 301, aboard the Independence, sailing the next day from Jacksonville. Lew's heart isn't in it; I don't know if we can even get to Jacksonville and, at this late date, we declined the offer. Gail said the travel insurance would not cover flight irregularities and was for medical problems. Would Lew be going to the doctor? I saw this for what it was and told Gail that I would not lie in an effort to make this a medical problem. She assured me that she would be talking with management and would be back in touch with me via email. With Lew's decision firm, I booked, with Hertz, a rental car to return us from Wyomissing to Salisbury. We toured the house and saw the recent improvements they had completed. We elected to come up for Easter, next weekend, and suggested to Linda that she could cancel her flight from Wyomissing to SBY and drive back with us.