Home Easter in Wyomissing 2017
With the destruction of our ACL Cruise, we are now able to go to Wyomissing for Easter, meeting Linda, Brian, and Amy. We'll put Buddy inn the kennel of Saturday and return on Monday, possibly bringing Linda with us.
Saturday, 15 April We dropped Buddy at Weeping willow at 0800 and headed north. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and arrived in Wyomissing at SKDL's just after noon. The afternoon was spent purchasing 7-day WDW passes for SKDL and confirming our FastPasses for the June trip. Kate served a pasta dish for dinner. At 2020, it's 65.
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Chalk Art

Sunday, 16 April At 0652, it's 55 in Reading. When the boys came down, they followed the string to find a variety of prizes including chocolate bunnies from us and, their current craze, Pokeymon Cards. Linda, Brian and Amy arrived about 1130 and we had a great visit. The rest of the family started arriving at 1400, and by the time we sat down for Easter Dinner at 1500, there were 24 of us in the house. Foozball and Ping Pong took up a lot of the after dinner activities before family conversation time ended at 2300 with Brian and Amy headed for their Holiday Inn Express.
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Easter Egg Hunt
Brian, Amy
& Leo
Leo &
Brian & Amy

Monday, 17 April I was up at 0620 and Lew, Linda and I were on the road at 0800. Our drive back to Salisbury was effortless with a stop at the McDonalds in Harrington, DE. We looked at the property off of Riverside Drive and dropped Linda off at Mallard Landing at Elaine's apartment at 1230. We secured Buddy from the kennel at 1600.