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This was, clearly, our worst travel experience, easily surpassing the fiasco in March and even the weather delays of the Seattle flight to the Alaskan Cruise. I am bitterly disappointed in the refusal of ACL to authorize the cruise rebooking plan, but heartened by their possible recognition that they may, indeed, have made an error and, may, in the future, try to make amends to Eagle Society Members who have paid for 6 separate cruises.
None of the trip was refundable.
2017-04-18: ACL sent a survey to measure our enjoyment of our trip and to ask us for suggestions. It took less than 10 minutes after the survey was submitted for ACL to call and offer us another try at this cruise. We're going in December.
The response was:
We were surprised to get this survey as we never boarded the ship. While traveling to CHS, Thursday, the airline canceled our PHL-CHS flight due to weather with no flights available until Sunday morning. We called ACL Customer Service and spoke with Quinn. We tried to change the booking from the Star's CHS-to-JAX to the Independence's JAX-to-CHS, as it was Thursday and we thought we could get to Jacksonville, south of the storm. Quinn tried to get approval, but it was denied, so we left the airport, disappointed, as we have already had 5 fabulous cruises with ACL. Friday morning, we emailed Drew Godfrey with the details of the previous evening's disappointment. Within minutes, Gail called to offer exactly what had been denied 12 hours earlier. At this point it was just too late and we were no longer at the airport and had lost a half-day of travel opportunities, so we said "no." It was explained to us that the travel insurance doesn't cover flight cancellations, so, with hotels, airfares and front-end excursions, we dropped $18,000.