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Old friend Pat Cascone is joining us for our Spring Holiday at WDW.
Today, Lew and I are flying to WDW. An 0630 flight out of Salisbury will connect with an 0815 flight out of PHL, arriving in Orlando at 1103. Chris, from Mears Transportation, will meet us and take us to Bay Lake Tower. Whereas check-in time is not until 1600, it's unlikely our room will be ready, so we'll go to Wave Lounge for something light for lunch. We'll stock the room with necessary supplies, and then have dinner at Citricos.
We awoke, without the 0500 alarm, and left the house about 0520. We encountered patchy fog, and a family of 5 deer, on the way to the airport. The parking lot gate wasn't operating properly, so after securing our ticket, we drove around the gate to park. Check- in was effortless as was security. My artificial hips always cause a pat-down, but I'm used to it. We were late boarding the aircraft, which resulted in the loss of our arrival window at PHL. Rather than "wheels up" at 0630, as scheduled, it was 0710 when we took off, seriously jeopardizing our connecting flight. We touched down in PHL at 0800 and were told, even before leaving the plane that we had missed the flight. We were re-booked through CLT to arrive at 1440, rather than 1105. I called Mears Transportation with the change and we went to Cibo for Eggs Benedict (10.50) and Bloody Mary's (13). Once we had finished breakfast, I checked flights and learned that the flight we had "missed" had been delayed 45 minutes. The announcement that we had "missed" the flight was, in fact, a lie. I reserved seats 1A & 1F for the flight from CLT to MCO. At 1040, we boarded the flight for CLT. Though we were not seated together, there was a lady in my assigned seat so we actually did end up together. We were finally wheels up at 1102 on runway 27L. The saga continues. Upon arrival in CLT, we flagged down a courtesy cart to take us to Gate C-16 and AA691 to MCO. There, the flight was already boarding and we learned that the airline thought we made the original flight from PHL to MCO (even though our boarding passes for that flight wewre never scanned), and therefore, gave away our seats on AA691. The flight was full and there were no volunteers to get off. John C., a supervisor, stepped in. Rather than hold 691, it left without us. John booked us in to AA581, first class, leaving CLT at 1445, to arrive at MCO at 1628. Another agent check on our bags and learned that they made the original flight and awaited us at the American Airlines baggage office in Orlando. We also have vouchers for $300 each for future flights. Now, our seats on AA581 are not together, so John is working with Jim, at Gate C10 to try and resolve that. Mears was informed of this latest change. Jim did, indeed, persuade another passenger to trade seats and we were seated together, departing CLT at 1445. Upon our arrival at MCO, we texted Chris Peters, our driver from Mears that we had finally landed in Orlando, "we hoped." His return text "Welcome to Cleveland" gave us the laugh we needed. A text from WDW told us our room was ready: 7724. We secured our bags from the American Airlines office and Chris whisked us to BLT. We'll meet again, tomorrow, at 1345 to go secure Patsy. Room 7724, is as perfect as expected. We unpacked and secured a few provisions for the room and then headed for Citricos.