Home SKDL Weekend 2017
SKDL were here for the weekend.
Friday: SKDL arrived at 8, having left Wyomissing early and stopping for dinner. We had a chuckle, as Lew and Kate were dressed in identical outfits.
Saturday: Dominic was down first followed soon thereafter by Leo and Kate, allowing Sal to sleep in. We had sandwiches for the adults and crab legs and claws for the boys. In the afternoon, they enjoyed Bedknobs and Broomsticks. We had Seafood Newburg for dinner, and, in the evening, Sal, Kate and I watched Sully. At 2250, it's 31.
Sunday: The boys finished Bedknobs and Broomsticks and we went to Sakura for lunch, where Ken called Cindy to come in and help. We enjoyed a wide variety of Ken's excellent sushi and SKDL left from there to head home, arriving around 1600.