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5/31/2016 >>>
The 1st of April, we discovered the inner eyelid of Buddy's right eye had become loose. Pat Cascone was here and diagnosed it as Cherry Eye. Barb Wygal came on the 4th and confirmed the diagnosis. She provided an ointment, but predicted surgery would be necessary. On 27 April, she provided a referral to Dr. Anne Weigt in Annapolis. Whereas Buddy's last blood work was in September, Barb did more blood work. His original surgical appointment was 16, May at 0900, but our chest colds postponed that to 31, May
We left the house at 0630, arriving at the Animal Eye Care Center in Annapolis at 0830. By 0930, he'd been examined and cleared for the surgery on his right Cherry Eye. We had breakfast at a local Eggcellence where Lyd had Eggs Benedict (9.29) and I had Corn Beef Hash (9.99). We returned to the parking lot at the vet and staked out a parking spot under a large tree where we napped and read until 1400 when Buddy was released and we headed home. We pulled in at 1530. Buddy is woozy, but OK.
April 4
April 14