Home Family Weekend in Ocean City 2016
Friday: After dropping off Buddy at Weeping Willow Kennel, who was eager to see if he had any friends in the back, we were off to Ocean City Fish Company, formerly Captain's Galley. We drove up to the Holiday Inn on 17th street and were promptly taken in. We have room 813, and when SKDL arrive, they will have 814. With the balcony door open, Lyd took a nap to the sounds of the surf. At 1730, we went down to Coral Reef Café. We returned to the room only to discover that I had left all of my meds in Salisbury. SKDL arrived, next door, at 2240, but we were both in bed with the balcony door open to the sounds of the surf.
Saturday: At 0645, it's dawn over the Atlantic Ocean. SKDL appeared on their balcony and were in our room by a little after 7. Sal went out and secured breakfast sandwiches for the gang and they explored the hotel. I called the local CVS to try to secure a 2-day supply of meds, but that proved to be too difficult. SKDL tried the outdoor pool, but it was too stormy due to the approaching Hurricane Matthew, so they had exclusive use of the indoor pool. We went to lunch at Ropewalk. We went home to naps while SKDL went down to the beach. At 1700, they reappeared in our room and we all decided to go down to Coral Reef Café for a light dinner. They returned to their room with the Winnie The Pooh movies we brought with us while Lyd retired and I watched FSU (20) at Miami (19). The glass door to the balcony was open and there was a steady rain. At 0000, it's 64 and raining.     
0708 0711
Sunrise at 0708 and 3 minutes later
Sal &
The Boys
Blue Leo

Sunday: At 0650, it's 63, and raining in Ocean City. We elected to go up the Boardwalk to Malia's for breakfast. Heavy rains prohibited any beach time, so we adopted Sal's idea of Miniature Golf at Old Pro Golf at 68th street, an indoor par 52 course of an Undersea Adventure. My 15-under score of 37 (with 3 aces) bested Kate's 7-under 45 though I haven't played in decades. Heavy flooding made the drive back to the hotel a bit treacherous, and we all decided it was time to get out of Ocean City. We returned to Coral Reef Café, in the hotel, for a light lunch; 3rd visit. Following a brief visit to the game room, we all returned to our rooms to pack for the trip home. SKDL left shortly after 3 and Lew and I left just before 4 to pick up Buddy and head for home.
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Old Pro Golf
Movie Time
Game Time