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Decorating started the day after Thanksgiving, as it has for decades, followed by two days of Baking. Bill came in on the 21st, and SKDL are due on the 23rd. Our annual Oyster Festival of roasted & fried oysters and cream of crab soup will be on Thursday. Christmas Eve's lasagna on the 24th, and the Laws' Breakfast on the 25th.
Wednesday: Bill flew in at 1940 in an uneventful flight.
Thursday: Bill and Margaret came at noon for Crab and Oyster Festival. Margaret had a small cup of Cream of Crab Soup, a small glass of sherry and cookies and ice cream before going home for a nap. Bill and I has a couple of Bloody Maries and a half-peck of Chincoteague oysters. Lyd also made fried oysters. 1730: Alex Grier dropped off baklava made by Diane.
Friday: I completed our weekly marketing and Lew had her pedicure. We had angel hair pasta for dinner, Aaron and Tina dropped off cookies, and SKDL came down early, arriving at 1945. After the boys were put to bed, Sal, Kate and I hammered out our dining plans for WDW in June. At 2310, it's 39.
Saturday: The boys opened several of their Christmas gifts and I completed the ADR for June's WDW trip. Deli sandwiches, soup and oysters were presented for lunch. Greg dropped off a box of Karen's Christmas Crack. In the afternoon, we watched Home Alone. Bill joined us at 1700 though Margaret did not. We enjoyed our traditional lasagna. In the evening, we watched Star Trek Beyond. At 2215, it's 44 with a dense fog.
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The boys grow.

Sunday: At 0710, it's 34 and still foggy. Lew and Kate started the breakfast cooking before Margaret's morning R&R. She and Bill arrived and we had the traditional Laws' breakfast with Margaret's narration. We opened a few gifts and she returned to her house for a nap. Kate and I fleshed out the travel and vacation schedule for 2017. In the afternoon, the boys requested and were granted "Home Alone 2." We all gathered again in the evening for a dinner of Lyd's perfectly prepared beef tenderloin. In the evening, SK & I watched Cinderella. At 2245, it's 39.
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Family Time
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Laws' Breakfast
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Monday: At 0649, it's 41. Following a morning of books, we broke for lunch. The adults had sandwiches while the boys feasted on snow crab legs. SKDL left a little after 1 for the drive back to Wyomissing. In the afternoon, Lew and I watched Elf. At 2230, it's 49