Home Margaret's 105th Birthday Weekend. 2016
SKDL & Bill will be here for Margaret's 105th birthday, which was actually on September 1.
Thursday, September 1:
We took the Altima to 823 and encountered Elaine. Bill arrived at 1945 and we took him to 823. At 0915, an email from Kate reports bad traffic and road closure on DE-1. They pulled in at 2345, exhausted. At 0010, it's 73.
Friday, September 2:
Everybody was down by 0700. At 0800, Lyd and Kate went over for Margaret's R&R and the boys had some iPad time. We watched a little of Harry Potter 1 before Bill arrived a little after 11. We all went down to 1400 South for lunch. Following lunch, Sal and the boys went to the zoo, while Kate and Lyd went shopping. Bill and I returned to the house and he went back to 823 at 1400. He and Margaret joined us at 1630 for a dinner of vermicelli, meatballs, sausage, garlic bread and Sal's tossed Salad. We changed November's visit date from Nov 19th to the 12th. In the evening, SK and I watched Bridge of Spies. At 2310, it's 71.
Saturday, September 3:
At 0652, it's 70 and raining, with Tropical Storm Hermine approaching from the south. Gaston is finished. Kate and Lyd went to The Dressing Room while Sal and the boys went to Barnes and Nobel, and I completed our Dining Reservations for our March trip to Disney with Patsy. Bill and Margaret joined us for a beef tenderloin, scalloped potatoes and Bavarian beans and a reprise of the pies and lemon bars. In the evening, Sal, Kate and I watched Tomorrowland. At 2310, it's 70.
Sunday, September 4:
At 0644, it's 66 and all signs of Hermine are gone. We served breakfast sandwiches, but they weren't very good. SKDL went to the park for a walk. We served Tomgolian BBQ for an early dinner and SKDL were on the road, home, at 1830. Bill came over for a visit and we went to bed at 2045 with windows open and 70.
Monday, September 5:
At 0636, it's 64 and we are open. We picked up Bill at 0845 for his flights home.