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SKDL are coming for the weekend. The pre-visit survey is here. The proposed menu is here.
Friday: Having departed Wyomissing shortly before 1900, they made very good time and pulled into the driveway at 2215. Lyd prepared some Plumerose Ribs for an evening snack
Saturday: At 0625, it's 29 and Dominic and Leo were quick to come down. Sal followed and made their breakfast, allowing Kate to sleep in a little. When everybody was down, and while Lyd went over for morning R&R, the belated Christmas gift of the programmable robot was opened and enjoyed. It's been decided that Margaret will not be joining us for dinner, so Kate and Lyd went back over for a visit. The boys enjoyed "iPad Time." We headed for Red Lobster for lunch. Following lunch, I came back to the house with Sal and the boys and Lyd and Kate went to Vernon Powell. The boys enjoyed Wall-E and our Magic Bands arrived. For dinner, we started with shrimp cocktail and Lyd served Tortellini Carbonara and roasted veggies with parmesan crisps. Following dinner we watched Winnie the Pooh until the boys went to bed around 1930. SK then selected Hugo. At 2230, it's 33.
Sunday: At 0655, it's 31 and Kate and the boys are already down. We enjoyed a nice breakfast. We did some extensive planning for visits for the rest of the year and they all took a walk around the neighborhood. We had deli sandwiches for lunch and they left at 1215 headed home.
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