Home A Weekend at the Beach and a Wedding 2017
|≤ <<< Fri, Oct 6, 2017 >>> ≥|
At 0654, itís 66. Jerry and Linda left at 0815 to take Elaine to breakfast and run a few errands. At 1115, we left the house to drop Buddy off at Weeping Willow on our way to Ocean City. We drove through the parking lot at Lighthouse Sound to verify the location and then joined Jerry, Linda and Brian at Fagerís Island for lunch. Linda picked up the tab, though we did get in a round of drinks at the bar before they arrived. We checked-in to the Holiday Inn on 16th street into room 415, with the knowledge that SKDL will be in the adjacent room when they arrive. We had brief naps before meeting Jerry, Linda and Brian at Phillipís Crab House for our treat. By 2000, we were back in the room and settled down for the night with the door open to the east to enjoy the never-ending roar of the surf. The recently-full moon painted a pretty picture on the ocean. At 2200, SKDL arrived to the adjacent room. At 2219, Lew is experiencing lower GI discomfort.