Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2017
Week of 10/07/2017
Sat 10/07/2017 Sun 10/08/2017 Mon 10/09/2017 Tue 10/10/2017
Coral Reef   Out Jessie's Wedding Out Tim's Pizza     DEL Leftovers    
      6       170       4        
Ropewalk   OUT                 Fratelli's   OUT
Malia's     OUT Malia's     OUT Malia's     OUT        
Ocean City     Ocean City     Ocean City     J&L AA4891 ETD 1207
T:       T:       T: Weeping   T:      
L:       L:   Wedding L: Weeping   L:      
J&L       J&L   Wedding J&L Morgan Stanley J&L: V&J Fly  
Wed 10/11/2017 Thu 10/12/2017 Fri 10/13/2017 Projects
Osso Bucco       Shrimp Bisque       Fry Day       BavarianCream With Raspberry Sauce
Mashed potatoes             Onion Rings   Shrimp Bisque      
BavarianCream W/ Raspberry Sauce           Sweet Potato          
                  cat fish nuggets        
T: Mrkt-E     T: Blinds/Flu   T:              
L:       L: Blinds/Flu   L: DDS