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Christmas Eve
Though it's the 23rd on the calendar, this will be Christmas Eve for the family. Bill is invited to join us for lunch, at Sakura, Japan and then to return to our house for our standard Christmas Eve dinner of Lasagna.
At 0632, itís 51. The boys were down soon after and we learned that Sal has the stomach bug Leo had earlier in the week and is going to stay in bed. The boys and I continued the on-line Risk game and then moved into the opening of Christmas gifts after Lew got home from 823. As lunch approached, it became apparent that Dominic was also feeling ill, so we cancelled plans for Sakura and ordered from Asian Taste instead, delivered a few minutes after noon. Around 1500, we enjoyed a brief Skype conversation with Eana and Vlad from Kiev.
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Eana's Family
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Gena, Eana
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