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Chris will pick us up at 0930 to return us to the airport for the flights home. We'll have salads and drinks at Ruby Tuesday before boarding the 1214 flight back to PHL. Our 1520 flight will deposit us in SBY where we will pick up Buddy and head for the house.
At 0600, itís 71 at WDW and 33 in Salisbury. Both flights show as on-time Chris picked us up at BLT at 0930, in a light rain. The drive to MCO was easy. The line to check-in was long, but moved quickly. We went down to baggage claim and recovered Lew's iPad and proceeded through TSA without taking anything out of the bags. Apparently Pre-check makes the difference. We moved to Ruby Tuesday and secured a table near the window. Lew had a glass of wine and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary, with salad bar for both. By 1130, we had moved to Gate 50. We learned the incoming flight was delayed, so we boarded and departed about 30 minutes late. We had drinks and nuts and then an anti-pasto tray. The captain anticipates arrival at the gate at 1445. With a 1520 scheduled departure for SBY, it will be tight. We landed, as predicted, at 1445, but it was 1455 before we deplaned. We hustled to get from Gate B15 to Gate F7. Aboard the shuttle, we encountered an airline employee who called the gate to tell them we were coming. We made it! Our bags didnít. American Airlines tells us theyíll be delivered tomorrow morning. We secured Buddy and were home a little after 5. At 2100, itís 37.