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April 18, 2018
|≤ <<< Tuesday, April 17, 2018 >>> ≥|
LEW and I will fly, together, from SBY to PHL. I'm headed for the CAC in Orlando. She will meet up with Kate for their flight on to Dallas. After lunch on the plane, Mears will transport them to their hotel. Jerry will secure them and take them to the house for flower arranging. Lew and Kate will take the family out for dinner at Pappasito's Cantina - Arlington at 6:15, so everyone can get to bed. In Florida, Tom will have dinner at Citricos.
At 0450, before the alarm, we were both awake and itís 43 in Salisbury. We left the house at 0530 for the brief drive to the airport, seeing 2 deer feeding in the fields. Check-in was effortless though we have two separate destinations. We boarded right away, but were 10 minutes late departing on runway 32. The 20-minute flight was smooth except for a few bumps descending through the cloud tops. We landed at 0715 on runway 35. We checked the departure board and took the shuttle bus to the AB terminals. We walked out to gate B6 and Cibo bar and grille. We both chose lemon ricotta pancakes with a glass of Riesling. After we parted, Lew headed for B15 and DFW, and me to C27, and MCO. Just shy of 0900, Kate joined her mother at their gate. Kate and Lew landed late in DFW, having left PHL late due to an emergency on a Southwest flight that diverted to PHL with an exploded engine that killed one passenger.