Home Commissioner's Academic Challenge #33 2018
Dinner at The California Grill
|≤ <<< Thu, Apr 19 , 2018 >>> ≥|
I presented my self at the California Grill podium at 1900 and was quickly whisked upstairs. They had me seated at the far end of the sushi counter, but I persuaded them to move me to the 1st seat. Emma was working and came out first with a giant hug, and then with a nice slice of butter fish as an amuse bouche. John was my server and he started me with a Makers Mark Manhattan (11). I selected the New Moon Roll (26) of Maine Lobster, Avocado, Barbecued Eel, Rice Pearls and Cochujang Dragon Sauce. With a second Manhattan, I added Tuna Three Way (26) of Kaku-Zujiri, Miso, Toasted hazelnut, Shishito, Tataki, Aji Amarillo, and onion-soy, tuna roll. Gary visited. He’s planning on retiring in 10 months and is headed for Rhode Island. He lost his wife over Christmas. John finished me off with a Boston Crème Pie cupcake just as the fireworks were beginning.