Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2018
Week of 11/03/2018
Sat 11/03/2018 Sun 11/04/2018 Mon 11/05/2018 Tue 11/06/2018
Pork Kung Pao       Chicken Salad Baked Pasta w/ clam sauce       Leftovers    
Stir Fry Noodles   Lima Beans                    
Snack       Pizza Slices     Lima Beans/hot dog   EVO     OUT
                Pork Kung Pao          
T: ACME     T:   South Pacific T:       T:   Kennel  
L:       L: Church South Pacific L:       L:   Kennel  
15:30 FSU at NC State                        
Wed 11/07/2018 Thu 11/08/2018 Fri 11/09/2018 Projects
Citricos   OUT Jiko     OUT Flying Fish   OUT        
Wave Lounge   OUT Coral Reef   OUT Germany   OUT        
Fly to WDW WDW WDW        
0608 AA4890 0704   T:       T:              
0745 AA1993 1017   L:       L:              
0845 AA773-CLT-AA1695 1307