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2018 December Open House
We're having two Open House weekends as a part of the Christmas Holidays. We'll be receiving visitors Saturday, 11/24; Sunday, 11/25; Saturday, 12/1; and Sunday, 12/2.

11/24 & 11/25:
I skipped the first weekend, partially for the FSU v Florida game.
On Wednesday, the 28th, I went to the club in support of an interview by Delmarva Life about the Open House. I also set up the majority of the White Pass and Yukon Train.
12/1 & 12/2:
I went to the DMRRC for open house. On Saturday, I ran 3 separate trains, two of them simultaneously, over a 4 hour period. On Sunday, after a couple of hot dogs, I ran the limestone train, eastbound, enlisting a young fella’ as an engineer trainee for several laps. I worked until about 1400 .
Our White Pass
& Yukon #104
Trailer Jet
Auto Carrier
Belpre Tunnel