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<<< March 4-9, 2019 >>>
|≤ <<< Sat, March 09, 2019 >>> ≥|
With our flights later than usual, we'll do the breakfast bar at the Wave before Chris returns us to the airport around 1100. We'll board AA809, departing MCO at 1414 and arriving in PHL at 1649. AA4807 leaves PHL at 1825, scheduled to arrive in SBY at 1921, too late to secure Buddy from the kennel.
At 0626, itís 59. We were packed, and out of the room a little after 0900. We left the bags with BLT and went over to The Wave for the breakfast buffet. We secured our bags and Chris took us to MCO. We checked in and went through TSA to learn our flight would be about 20 minutes late. We boarded and had a round of drinks. Sequencing into PHL delayed our wheels up until 1510, almost an hour late, off 17R. The flight was uneventful with a light snack and another round of drinks. We landed a little after 1700 and made our way to Gate F33 and the flight onto Salisbury. Less than half full, we landed at 1915. Due to a few handicapped passengers, it took a few minutes to employ the ramp rather than the stairs. Therefore, by the time I secured the car, Lew already had the bags and, too late to get Buddy, we headed for the house. At 2157, with most of the clocks advanced the hour required for EDT, itís 38.