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June , 2019
|≤ <<< Tuesday, June 25, 2019 >>> ≥|
Our last full day opens at Chef Mickey's for brunch. From there, we'll head into the Magic Kingdom. We have 0920 FastPasses at the Haunted Mansion. Sal and Leo have 1020 FastPasses for Splash Mountain while the rest of us have 1025 FP at Small World. We all have 1150 at Pirates. The afternoon may be spent in naps and/or the pool. Later, SKDL will have dinner at either TOTW or the Contempo Cafe while Lew and I have a 1900 reservation at The California Grill.
At 0611, it’s 77. We left the room at 0815 headed for Chef Mickey’s. After brunch, we went into the Magic Kingdom. I visited with Debbie Sacleux at Cinderella’s table while the rest went to the Haunted Mansion. We met at the Tiki Room while Sal and Leo were on Splash Mountain. We went to Small World and Sal and Leo joined us for Pirates. Then it was back to the room. I secured tomorrow’s boarding passes and Sal and the boys went, first, to the Community Room, and then, to the pool.