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Tom's tooth #31, the 2nd molar on the lower right side broke
Monday, Oct 12, 2020
We arrived at Berks Oral Surgery. They took me back to the room and connected me up to the monitoring equipment. My initial BPI was 150/115, understandably high! Dr. Rowan arrived, and after some dicsussion it was decided the IV would be better in my right arm. A brief pin-prick and I was out! About 40 minutes later, those two root fragments are gone: no pain, no bleeding; no swelling. I was given a prescription of ibuprofen and an opiod, but that never proved necessary. Sedation was the way to go!
Monday, Sep 21, 2020
At 0800, I went to Grove Dental, first for a cleaning and then extraction of #31. Following the cleaning, at 0915, Dr. Risko began work on #31. At 1045, he surrendered, having broken/cut off pieces with the remains of two roots below the gum line. Whereas there is evidence of infection, they must come out, so a referral was made to Berks Oral Surgery to have those remains cut out. I came home to Aleve and scotch stingers. I HATE DENTISTRY. There is a burr on the inside of the "hole" that is irritating my tongue, but Lyd had some dental wax.

2019-11-26 1245
Dr. Lee in Pottstown: He examined #31 and took an X-Ray. He determined that he’ll need to do a root canal, remove the cavity and then do a “crown lengthening” whereby he’ll expose more tooth for crowning by lowering the surrounding bone, though that could cause problems for #30. I have opted to have #31 extracted
2019-11-18 0900
Deanna: Grove Dental: cleaning & #31 Tooth #31, having lost a filling is broken down into the root. Choice #1 is an extraction: ~$200; Choice #2 is root canal and crown: ~$2000. I picked Choice #2. A phone call to Dr. Lee produced an evaluation on 11/26 in Pottstown.