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We are hosting our 14th, weekly, game of Clue for the Laws family, via Zoom.
Game 13 standings are:
Team 1: Jerry & LindaProfessor Plum4
Team 2: Amy and BrianColonel Mustard4
Team 3: Julia & MattMiss Scarlet4
Team 4: Brian & TacyMr. Green1
Team 5: CourtneyMrs. Peacock-
Team 6: Emma & SimonMrs. White-
At 1500, the Clue Match was a blood bath. Diane and Lou returned as Team 5: Mrs. Peacock and Leo and Sal stepped in as Team 4: Mr. Green. All five teams outsmarted themselves by “assuming facts not in evidence.” Leo and Sal were the first to fall with a false accusation, followed by Diane and Lou and then Linda and Jerry, and, finally, Amy and Brian. Matt and Julia survived for the win though they never guessed Professor Plum with the knife in the Hall. During the post-mortem, each team was sure another had the Hall, though no team had ever claimed having it.